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Lots for Sale or Seasonal Rental

All lots in the Saugatuck RV Resort are individually owned.  It is, therefore, the owner's choice to list a lot for sale on this website.  If you are interested in purchasing a lot, please also check with the various real estate websites.


Saugatuck RV Resort does not allow short term rentals.  Occasionally, an owner of a lot may rent their lot or RV unit for the season (no less than 90 consecutive days).  Such rentals may be listed here by the individual owner.  


Saugatuck RV Resort Management does not coordinate seasonal rentals or sales.   You must work with the lot owner for showings and information.  

Goshorn Lake.jpg

For Sale by owner
Lots 107 and 108

Two adjacent lots for sale.

Contact owner for more information.


Lot 74  For Sale - trailer and lot

2007 travel trailer and lot with easy walk to Goshorn Lake.
Contact owner for showings and more information.  586-876-0807

For sale by owner  Lot 38

Great location in Park.  Fill the space with your own RV !  Join the community.
Contact owner for information
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